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After a successful test period 2016 with a group of his horses Peter Untersteiner,
The Trainer of the year 2016 in Sweden, is very satisfied and now, from today,
every horse in his stable is under Twydil Program
We are very honoured to have Untersteiner Training Ab in our Twydil Team and will
support wholeheartedly to maximize the success of the Untersteiner Team !

Last weekend the Nordic Baltic Championships in show jumping, dressage and parariding took place in Ypäjä, as well as the Finnish championships in cross country. In the showjumping, our partner rider Marina Ehrnrooth and EVLI Luikka took a individual gold in the combined senior & U25 class! In the same age group, the Finnish team took a silver medal. In the young riders both silver and bronze went to Finland, silver for Joni Koivusalo and bronze to Miisa Pulkkanen. Congratulations to everyone and especially to our partner Marina!

In the young riders dressage our partner Susanna Therman and Dragonheart took an individual fifth place and did the best scores of the Finnish team in the team class, earning them a second place in the class. In the juniors, partner Daniela Therman did strong, solid performances and was an asset to the team. The Finnish senior team took a bronze medal and our partner Anna von Wendt scored a new personal record. 

Congratulations to everybody for the ribbons and good results. From here, many of us start to look at the Finnish championships, which also is a three day, tough event. The products of the month for July is Twydil Protect Plus, which helps the horses muscles recover and removes lactic acid, that builds in the muscles after a hard physical strain. 

Twydil Protect Plus contains amino acids, antioxidants, whey protein and vitamins that support the optimal muscle function. Works very well used for any though training or competition to support the muscle function and aid recovery. The horse stays more fit and wont get stiff in the muscles. Recommended use for 10 prior to competition or other tough effort.

Another big problem affecting the performance of sport horses are stomach problems and stress. One very prominent symptom is “stress stomach”, when the horse reacts to stress with digestive problems. Diarrhoea is common, which severely affects the horses ability to absorb nutrients from its feed. This will lower the performance level, as well as the general wellbeing of the horse. For this, we present you the second product of the month for July, eQ-Oranta pH-Combi! 

eQ-Oranta pH-Combi balances the pH-level in the stomach and the digestive system as well as creates a protecting film on the surface of the stomach. The effect starts within hours of distribution and last for a long time. Recommended use for 2-4 days during competition to shield the horses stomach from stress symptoms! 



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